Rich media publishing
from your iPhone

  • Record quickly
  • Forget the computer
  • Professional quality
  • Group collaboration
  • Episodic content
  • Socialize automatically
  • Group Publishing

    Allow others to create fresh social media for your brand while remaining in complete control of how and where it’s published.

  • Multiple Formats

    Upload video directly from your iPhone, record audio and phone conferences or simultaneously publish dual formats.

  • Automatic Bumpers

    Pick and select your own intros, bumpers, animated logos and advertising from a personal library of content.

  • Syndicated Content

    Select where you want your content pushed, our servers do the rest! Encoding, meta tagging and publishing.

Jane loves to creating family videos. She has a running series about her kids and another on handy mom secrets.
Pierre is a fashion photographer who has a weekly video podcast updating followers about the latest trends and gadgets.
Kim runs a non-profit and sends out video-emails to her donors updating them on projects the organization is engaged in.
Sharon is CMO a large publishing company, her teams across the globe create branded media content which she manages right from her phone.
Chris is an adventure expert with thousands of daily followers. He creates branded content on the go and syndicates to the world with one click.
Eddy is a singer/songwriter who loves to engage with his fans. His weekly videos offer behind the scenes footage of life out on the road.